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About us

Our company under the trade name "Konstantinos Karakasidis & SIA OE" with the distinctive title "METALLOPLASTIKI" was founded in 1957 in Athens and has its headquarters in privately owned facilities located on 15th street of VIOPA Ano Liossia. Our company’s scope is the manufacture and trading of polypropylene products (bags of various sizes). Due to our many years of experience in the field of packaging, we have the know-how to meet customer requirements and, above all, we offer a wide variety of products in the packaging area. Our aim is to provide immediate service and satisfaction to all our clients' orders, with respect to their personal needs and requirements



The philosophy of our company is related to the creation of relationships of trust and loyalty with our customers. Our excellent and high demand production and distribution of quality, specialized and unique products, succeeds in staying true to the principles of our company and achieving every day the creation of relationships of trust and respect with our customers.